Ubuntu Desktop files and Dock

Published on 03 Apr 2019

After I did a clean install of Ubuntu 18.04 it came with Firefox reinstalled. But I also needed Firefox Developer to run along side it and I don’t remember exactly what happened, but something got screwed. My regular Firefox was installed as a ‘snap’ so it was running sandbox mode all the time (I guess? […]

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Broke sound in Ubuntu 18.04

Published on 04 Jul 2018 , edited on 03 Apr 2019

Finding out my PulseAudio equalizer didn’t work after upgrading from 16.04 and trying to rectify that, killed my entire sound output. First, ran sudo apt-get remove –purge alsa-base pulseaudio sudo apt-get install alsa-base pulseaudio pavucontrol sudo alsa force-reload reboot Then sudo apt-get install pavucontrol pavucontrol But pavucontrol couldn’t connect to PulseAudio, something wrong with the […]

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Ubuntu script for quick Gcloud Compute CLI access

Published on 21 Sep 2017 , edited on 03 Apr 2019

https://gist.github.com/ca9a77fe51e042562b46dffa2892d543 This lil’ function shortens the Gcloud Compute Engine SSH command to gc [instancename] and if no instance name is given, lists all instances.

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When the mouseclick dies in Ubuntu

Published on 07 Nov 2016 , edited on 03 Apr 2019

I knew that running Ubuntu as a primary OS (still on a MBP dualboot nonetheless) would be a challenge. I overcame many obstacles you’d never think about on another OS such as programming the touchpad manually, managing the memory management from scratch, installing much needed core elements and running into tons of bugs and issues […]

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Goodbye Apple!

Published on 11 Sep 2016 , edited on 03 Apr 2019

(Yes, I’m afraid I have to get this off my chest too, being a long-term Apple user). It’s here, the pinnacle of our technological revolution. This is it, so it seems, it doesn’t get better then this. At least I think it doesn’t, because why would the largest tech company in the world start taking […]

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Using Linux as a daily driver is a risky business unless you’re _really_ into it. I started with it because I was fed up with both Windows and OS X, and I like to have granular control over my system. I am by no means an expert with it though, so I decided to use Ubuntu as it is the most n00b-friendly and using this as my work machine as well, I need as much compatibility and ease of use as possible.

That said, expect any amount of weird issues or workflows at any moment. Any I feel like documented, you see here!

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