M2M2: Attributes not showing

Published on 07 Aug 2019

If attributes don’t show up in the layered navigation and it isn’t due to the usual suspects, it’s probably a multiselect attribute. It probably got migrated as type text where it should be varchar. An easy SQL fix is this; See if this issue affects the website (you will get no records returned if you […]

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M2: Media Query Hell

Published on 07 Jun 2019 , edited on 13 Jun 2019

Nothing is ever easy with Magento, and the same goes for the pretty much modern and straightforward CSS3 media queries. Because Magento is a smart system, and it has smart implementations for things. But it also has very poor documentation on these smart things. Which kind of makes them frustrating, dumb things. Magento 2 goes […]

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How to add JS to M2

Published on 21 May 2019

Source To load a custom main.js file on all pages (in the RequireJS-way) this is a good way: 1) Create main.js Create main.js within the theme folder <theme_dir>/web/js/main.js with this content: In short: we declare dependencies at the start, e.g. “jquery”. We define as function’s parameter the variable name for using the dependency within the […]

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The bane of M2

Published on 26 Apr 2019 , edited on 29 Apr 2019

This error, where the thing being undefined can differ is the error I run into most. I fixed it on some occasions, but the thing that does the trick seems to differ each time. This post is meant as a log to get to the bottom of what and why is happening here. Now this […]

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M2M2: Product has weight issue

Published on 03 Apr 2019 , edited on 23 Apr 2019

So the migration succeeded (quite mysteriously I must add) and it looks like we have all data; Customers Orders Products Categories Attributes But there are some things missing, most notably there are no products shown on the frontend. Main lead on this is that there is a storeview missing which gives Fatal Erros in the […]

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M2M2: Migration

Published on 19 Mar 2019 , edited on 04 Apr 2019

Ah the migration. Oh the imports and exports. Woe is me. Countless hours spending crafting the biggest spreadsheets and CSV files. Error after error, so much frustration you eventually go beyond rock-bottom and reach a state of true nirvana. Let’s hope Magento’s Migration tool handles this for me this time around. What this tool does […]

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M2M2: Installing certbot

Published on 15 Mar 2019 , edited on 22 Mar 2019

During setup and installation of the server for M2 I found that it wouldn’t run on an insecure IP address but it requires a FQDN with valid SSL certification. So I registered a .dev domain, because, well, why not. Just for full-disclosures sake, here’s the path for this; Registered domain Updated DNS to point to […]

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M2M2: The server

Published on 15 Mar 2019 , edited on 22 Mar 2019

I was going to get my existing clean LEMP server install based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and update it. But I decided to get a clean slate and create a new image based on a clean Ubuntu 18.04 LTS version and start from scratch. What follows is more or less a direct copy of this […]

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M2M2: The how-to

Published on 15 Mar 2019 , edited on 03 Apr 2019

We’re “Moving to Magento 2”. The “we” in this case is the company I work for and where I’m responsible for all things tech-related. Which, seeing as this business is an e-commerce business, is a big thing. We have been running about 20 Magento 1.9.x shops for a better part of two years now, but […]

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Moving To Magento Two; A big move from multiple Magento 1.9.x systems to Magento 2.x. Documented every step chronologically (currently ongoing!).

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