M2: Updating minicart

Published on 03 Sep 2019

Updating the minicart template in M2 is one of the most frustrating things I had to do so far. Long story short; and clear all browser data..

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M2M2: Theme development

Published on 23 Apr 2019 , edited on 26 Apr 2019

So with the server, installation, migration and first tests done, it’s time to start re-creating the theme and modules. At this point I have installed all needed modules already (though not configured yet) and I’m starting to create the front-end. The process is a bit different then in M1, mostly due to the restructured codebase […]

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Epic Game Store Battle

Published on 03 Apr 2019

If you’re even remotely tied to the PC gaming community you’ll likely have heard about Epic Games launching their own competitor to lifelong favorite launch platform Steam by Valve. Now this inherently isn’t a new thing, there are countless launchers and some of them (like Ubisofts uPlay) are fairly big and commonplace as well. But […]

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2019 PC Build

Published on 26 Mar 2019 , edited on 03 Apr 2019

So apart from building web-things and a house, I kind of started building a new gaming rig too. I say ‘sort of’ because it’s been an incremental process for over a few months now, and today I finally hit that point where I thought “well fuck it, let’s go all the way”. How this came […]

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And thus we begin again.

Published on 11 Mar 2019 , edited on 22 Mar 2019

Everyone who ever owned a website/blog will know of the life cycle they have. You start one, and go nuts on it. Sink days and weeks into the setup, theme and content and after a while you stop posting new content, maybe something breaks with an update or your server moves, and you never get […]

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Wouldn’t it be nice: Priority Calling

Published on 01 Nov 2017 , edited on 22 Mar 2019

Just a thought We’ve all been there, calling your significant other in the supermarket to ask what specific brand of cheese to get, only to get no response and getting called back an hour later while you’ve already gone to town on a piece of Camembert. Or when your dorm room is enveloped in a […]

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When the mouseclick dies in Ubuntu

Published on 07 Nov 2016 , edited on 03 Apr 2019

I knew that running Ubuntu as a primary OS (still on a MBP dualboot nonetheless) would be a challenge. I overcame many obstacles you’d never think about on another OS such as programming the touchpad manually, managing the memory management from scratch, installing much needed core elements and running into tons of bugs and issues […]

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Goodbye Apple!

Published on 11 Sep 2016 , edited on 03 Apr 2019

(Yes, I’m afraid I have to get this off my chest too, being a long-term Apple user). It’s here, the pinnacle of our technological revolution. This is it, so it seems, it doesn’t get better then this. At least I think it doesn’t, because why would the largest tech company in the world start taking […]

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On iOS10 and Apples lack of creativity

Published on 12 Aug 2016 , edited on 22 Mar 2019

I just finished reverting back to iOS9 after a week of iOS10 beta-testing. As you can guess, yes, it was goddamn awful. Sure I know it is beta-software and there is bound to be bugs and unresponsive software, but I can look past all that (I’m a developer too, y’know – looking past bugs is […]

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Woohoo for Wired (and others)

Published on 15 Jul 2016 , edited on 22 Mar 2019

First internet changed the way we do business, then the internet became the centre of business, now the business of internet is changing. Nowadays it’s standard practice to monetize your website, whether it’s a blog, a social network, a platform for one thing or another; people ‘want’ to pay rent and bills, doing what they […]

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