And thus we begin again.

Published on 11 Mar 2019 , edited on 22 Mar 2019

Everyone who ever owned a website/blog will know of the life cycle they have. You start one, and go nuts on it. Sink days and weeks into the setup, theme and content and after a while you stop posting new content, maybe something breaks with an update or your server moves, and you never get around to fixing it.

Well the same case is true for me here. I had a (pretty nice) website on here as part of a multi-site installation with several other of my personal projects, but after moving hosting and files, leaving the site in disarray, I felt the need to fix everything.
But fixing everything turned out to be somewhat impossible due to my specific setup, the moving of the host and bla bla bla.

So I just decided to put up a clean, new, blog. Because I need a blog now, above all. I’m diving into a bit of software architecture studies, starting new greenfield projects at work and we’re building a house which is set to be done and lived-in over 2 years. All those processes call for a place for me to note my thoughts. So here we are, again.

At some point I will pick out all the old content from my previous site and rework the design again. But my heart and eye for webdesign has dwindled over the years. I’m finding more joy in the code beneath the surface then the actual design. At some point however, my hands will itch for design, and this site will be the focus of it.


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