Wouldn’t it be nice: Priority Calling

Published on 01 Nov 2017 , edited on 22 Mar 2019

Just a thought

We’ve all been there, calling your significant other in the supermarket to ask what specific brand of cheese to get, only to get no response and getting called back an hour later while you’ve already gone to town on a piece of Camembert. Or when your dorm room is enveloped in a raging fire and your roommate doesn’t answer your call because he’s chatting up some chick at Starbucks. Or when you want to call your mom, but only because you’re supposed to and it’s been too long, but, you know, she doesn’t have to drop everything at once to tell you to eat healty. If she’s busy, no rush!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you’d have the option to call your contacts with a simple and clear intent? Imagine it.

(Just to chat)

We’d feel fine to let that call go when you’re meeting a client. Or


Family first, so you’d want to excuse yourself to at least hear the situation; it’s urgent! Or

(Reply in 3m)

Jan wants to know what cheese you’d like to devour and is at the supermarket this very moment. If you can’t call back in x-amount of time; the reason for the call is over, so you’d only have to call back if you wanted to.

I think this is such an minor change in how we call eachother, but it can make a ‘huge’ difference in our daily lives. Especially being able to show it’s urgent when calling someone when in need is a no-brainer. Of course some people decide when they ring two short times in a row it’s especially urgent or something, but it would be great to apply this idea to a standard.


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