When the mouseclick dies in Ubuntu

Published on 07 Nov 2016 , edited on 03 Apr 2019

I knew that running Ubuntu as a primary OS (still on a MBP dualboot nonetheless) would be a challenge. I overcame many obstacles you’d never think about on another OS such as programming the touchpad manually, managing the memory management from scratch, installing much needed core elements and running into tons of bugs and issues between all of them.

The latest is that my cursor freezes now and again, mostly when I try to resize windows (especially Chrome) by clicking and dragging. Sometimes force quitting the program works, but other times it’s more severe and looks to be only resolved by a reboot. But if you can resolve anything by a reboot in Ubuntu, it’s clear there has to be another way to terminate and restart a specific process rather then the whole system. Plus, I have running processes on my desktop quite often, so I can’t just quit and reboot everything now and then.

I found I was not alone, there are tons of topics on this in all kinds of variety. There are also bugreports and a commit to fix the issue, but it still seems to persist.

There are all kinds of possible fixes, but none seemed to work for me, except for unity --reset. This resets Unity as a whole with the added ‘bonus’ that my custom icon pack doesn’t get loaded anymore. Onward the indian, to the next snippet and fix.


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