On iOS10 and Apples lack of creativity

Published on 12 Aug 2016 , edited on 22 Mar 2019

I just finished reverting back to iOS9 after a week of iOS10 beta-testing. As you can guess, yes, it was goddamn awful.
Sure I know it is beta-software and there is bound to be bugs and unresponsive software, but I can look past all that (I’m a developer too, y’know – looking past bugs is my way of life!). But looking past that, all that remains is the same old OS where the only changes are very, very bad design choices.

The title says ‘lack of creativity’ – maybe the better words are ‘urge to be creative to an extend that they’ll just change for the sake of change’, because that’s exactly what is happening on the new iOS10 release. Hey Apple, ever hear the saying “Don’t change a winning formula?”, no? Didn’t think so.
Because if you did you wouldn’t give up on some of the core usability elements your gigantic base of users has gotten used to in the (almost) past 10 years. You slide to unlock, that’s easy to remember. But hey, here’s Apple with an urge to change and why not go after a core functionality because then people will realize it’s something new, right!?

Yes, yes they will. In frustration, like I did. The problem with this specific change is the reason for it. They added a new ‘easy-acces’ dashboard in the lockscreen that you’ll see on a swipe to right. So when you automatically try to swipe to unlock, you’ll get to see a dashboard. This, so far isn’t a problem. Matter of facts are that the dashboard – once free of bugs – could be a really nice addition.
The problem arises in other notifications. You’ll get an email and want to open it from the notification on your homescreen. This is still done by swiping it to right, but wait – that’s also to open the dashboard? And nót to open your phone? See what’s going on here? Apple took a simple mechanic to unlock your phone, changed it meaning and applied it to two different new functions. Who the hell though that was a good idea?


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