Note: Install Varnish on OS X

Published on 14 Jun 2016 , edited on 22 Mar 2019

– This article is a Note, which means it’s a work in progress or just a mental note to myself, mostly citing sources and recounting my steps in development –

For a local Magento 2 installation I thought I’d try to install Varnish on OS X and found this guide to do so. It tells you to install MacPorts and install Varnish via a command, but this installs an old version of it, too old to work with Magento 2, according to this guide for the configuration of both.

So I started rooting around on how to install the latest Varnish manually, and I need to install Homebrew to get rst2man via python-docutils.

Installing that prompted that it would change some owner/group permissions on my bin, and that’s where I pulled the plug. I’m out of my field of expertise here, and I know how permissions are key for a Magento 2 installation, so being afraid I might botch things up I decided to park this for now.


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